1. Alternative Butters, Spreads, Flours, and Syrups


Wheat and soy have been a staple in the food industry for many years. More recently, and especially in 2020, alternatives are on the rise. You’ll see watermelon butter, banana flour, and pomegranate syrup on the market soon. To help fill your jars or pouches, we offer pneumatic fillers for liquid products and vibratory weigher scales for dry products. See some of our products here.

2. Fresh Snacking



Consumers want to be more health-conscious while maintaining the convenience of on-the-go eating. Enter snack packs in the refrigeration section with fresh ingredients like fruit, veggies, and eggs. At Point Five, we can provide the whole system – the packaging and machine line. Check out a few of the container shapes we can provide you here.

3. Flexible Packaging


Worldwide there is an increase in the use of flexible packaging formats like pouches. They are more affordable, light weight, and use less materials than other formats of packaging. Because of this, they offer a more sustainable packaging solution. If you’re wondering how to package or seal your dry, flowable products or even cannabis products, Point Five can assist. We can help small to large pouch sealing operations with our tabletop or fully automatic band sealers. Contact us or request a quote for more information.

4. Meal Kits and Ready Meals


Convenience continues to be king in 2020. The ease provided by home delivery meal kits and ready meals is too good to give up. Although they have already been utilized for several years, their use will rise this coming year. To facilitate a longer shelf life and less food waste, we offer numerous packaging and machinery options. From ethylene absorbing bags for produce, to vacuum skin trays, to MAP machinery, we at Point Five are ready to help you successfully step into 2020.

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