Point Five Packaging is a rising industry leader in integrated food packaging systems and materials. Specializing in tray sealing technology, our unique Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP), and Stretch Sealing solutions are designed to boost shelf life and enhance shelf appeal. Point Five sources and supplies the most advanced packaging materials to run on our equipment, delivering a one-stop shop for total concept-to-market food packaging solutions. Conveniently located in Chicago, Point Five also operates remote distribution warehouse points in New York and California.

Point Five tray seal systems are manufactured by Italian Pack srl of Como, Italy but sold under our brand name in the United States and North America. We have a machine solution for any food production and packaging environment, and our systems are designed and manufactured from food-grade stainless steel and aluminum components with IP65 electrical construction. All systems are easy to operate and incorporate quick and simple product changeover for maximum flexibility.

At Point Five, we understand that keeping your system in good operating condition is crucial to the success of our working partnership. Our Chicago technical center stocks a full array of machine spare parts, and the Point Five Tech Service Group is available to provide expert start-up and training in your facility. We also offer customized preventative maintenance programs which include regularly scheduled visits, custom parts stocking, and discounted emergency labor rates, making the long-term cost of operation of a Point Five machine the best in the industry.

Building on our value-added lineup, Point Five specializes in the latest packaging materials to meet today’s market requirements. Functional, recyclable, and sustainable are all industry requirements where Point Five rises to meet the challenge as a true one-stop shop for your primary packaging needs. So whether you are working with bakery, dairy, fresh grab-n-go, frozen foods, fresh meat, poultry or seafood, ready-to-eat meals, snacks, or any other food product, Point Five is ready to deliver the solutions to your success. You’re invited to put Point Five to the test!

What Are Tray Sealers?

What Are Tray Sealers?

In the food and beverage industry, tray sealers apply plastic film lids to trays of different sizes, depths, and materials. They are also known as tray lidding machines, top sealers, or heat sealers. The versatility of tray sealing equipment makes it ideal for many packaging applications, including meat, fresh produce, frozen and ready-made meals, and much more.

How Do Tray Sealers Work?

Once filled with product, trays are hand loaded or enter the tray sealing machine via a conveyor, where they are indexed and spaced. The trays then transfer into the tooling, where the sealing plate engages, pressing the film and tray together. The Upper-heated tooling activates the sealing properties against the tray and simultaneously cuts the film. After the proper sealing time has passed, the tooling disengages and the trays can be removed or convey out of the machine for the next cycle to begin.

Types of Tray Sealing Technologies

  • Top-Sealing
    Top Sealing

    Top-sealing tray seal film is a flexible packaging material that covers and seals the top of food trays, ensuring product freshness and extending shelf life. It is heat-sealed to the top of the tray to create a secure barrier against moisture, oxygen, and contaminants.

  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)
    Modified Atmosphere Packaging

    This type of tray seal extracts the oxygen from a food container, usually by means of a vacuum pump and then back fills the void with inert gasses such as Nitrogen or Carbon Dioxide. The trays are sealed with high barrier films that do not allow the gas to escape or Oxygen to migrate back into the container. Removing the oxygen slows the growth of molds and bacteria and prevents discoloration from oxidation thus extending the shelf life of the product often by over 50%. This allows for a wider distribution range and reduced waste.

  • Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP)
    Vacuum Skin Packaging

    When vacuum skin packaging (VSP) a product, a transparent film covers the item. A vacuum then extracts the air from the package, creating a tight seal around the product, creating a skin-like appearance. This technique offers excellent product visibility, extended shelf life, and enhanced protection against contaminants and physical damage.

  • Tray Stretch Sealing
    Tray Stretch Sealing

    Stretchable film is sealed to the side of the tray even if the product protrudes above the tray line. This process replaces the very common stretch overwrap which uses a lot more materials and does not create a hermetic seal. A tray that is stretch sealed will not leak any fluids or juices and thus reduce messy store containers and refrigerators for both consumers and retailers alike.

Features & Benefits of Tray Sealers

Sealing machines for food trays offer numerous benefits and features that make them the optimal choice for delivering quick, precise, and safe food packaging.

  • Options
    You can choose from manual, semi-automatic, and full-automatic tray sealing machinery to fit your requirements and accommodate multiple tray sizes.
  • Meet Productivity Goals
    Tray sealers’ capabilities can range from 6-240 packs per minute to ensure you reach your productivity goals.
  • Extended Shelf Life
    Tray seal films help protect products from temperature changes, and MAP seal films help keep products fresh longer.
  • Eco-Friendly
    Advanced sealing machines use 25% less packaging material than clamshell packaging, helping to reduce plastic and energy use.
  • Secure
    Providing a strong airtight seal, tray sealing offer excellent product protection to maintain food quality and safety.
  • Assurance
    With tamper-evident and tamper-proof seals, consumers have clear evidence if a seal is broken.
  • Streamlined
    Tray sealers integrate well with your facility’s other equipment to streamline and easily maintain all production line machinery and processes, often resulting in less downtime.
  • Innovation
    Customized packaging solutions are available when working with Point Five Packaging experts who provide concept testing, material validation, and packaging advice. Our tray sealers can take your food packaging to the next level.
  • Support
    Point Five Packaging offers top-quality support to ensure your food tray sealing machines operate seamlessly with your production needs.

Tray Sealer Solutions

The diverse capabilities of tray sealers allow us to serve many markets and industries, including:

Tray Sealers from Point Five Packaging

Tray sealers are vital packaging solutions for the food and beverage industry that ensure fresh, safe, easy transportable food. They are the top choice for food packaging on the market today because of their versatility. Partnering with an experienced packaging company is essential to determine the best tray-sealing machine and materials suitable for your needs.

As experts in food packaging, Point Five Packaging offers a range of tray sealers to fit any product requirements and production needs. We provide effective tray-sealing solutions to extend product shelf life, cut costs, and improve productivity. Contact us to discuss the tray sealing equipment best for your food packaging needs and how we can assist with customized packaging solutions for your company.

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