At Point Five Packaging, we supply food packaging materials and machinery to companies across the globe. Equipped with an extensive partner network of suppliers that delivers advanced materials and packaging technologies, we have what it takes to provide an appropriate solution for nearly any food packaging need. Our rapid concept-to-market capabilities allow us to bring packaging concepts to life with shorter lead times, while our effective solutions help cut operational costs, improve productivity, and increase profits.

We specialize in MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) machinery that helps to extend shelf life and freshness using advanced vacuum sealing technologies. We also:

  • Work with all types of companies, from small start-up food companies to large manufacturers
  • Offer machinery with a smaller footprint to suit facility setup needs or space constraints
  • Offer budget-friendly machinery options
  • Provide decades of product and machinery expertise

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Benefits and Capabilities of Our Food Packaging Machinery

Our food packaging machines are used to seal and protect food products so that they are ready storage, handling, distribution, and marketing purposes. Compared to manual food packaging operations, machine-assisted food packaging operations allow for better quality control, greater productivity, safer working conditions, broader production flexibility, and easier scalability. However, the machine must be selected, installed, and maintained properly to ensure it operates as expected. 

The type of food packaging machine employed depends on the requirements and restrictions of the food packaging operation. Below we provide an overview of the types of machines we have available, including what they are, key benefits, and typical applications.

Tray/Cup Sealers   

Tray/Cup Sealers

Tray/cup sealers—also referred to as tray lidding machines, heat sealers, and top sealers—are used to apply and adhere plastic film—such as modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) film—to the openings of product-filled trays and cups. The airtight seal formed helps protect fresh, frozen, and ready-made food against contamination, degradation, and premature spoilage. Compared to manual sealing operations, machine-assisted sealing operations accommodate a greater number of trays/cups in a shorter time period, which allows for faster production speeds and higher productivity.

To learn more about our tray sealer offerings, visit our tray sealers product page.



Fillers and depositors are machines designed to dose and deposit a specific amount of product into packaging containers. They can accommodate low- to high-viscosity compounds and operate as standalone or integrated units, depending on their design and configuration. Various accessories can also be incorporated to suit different products, such as product mixers and agitators, hoppers, interchangeable nozzles, automatic loading systems, and level detectors. In addition to food and beverage production operations, other typical applications for these machines include bakery, cosmetic manufacturing, household, and industrial processes.

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Vacuum Chambers

Vacuum ChambersVacuum chambers are suitable for packaging a variety of food products, such as meat, dairy, nuts, produce, and more. During packaging operations, they are used to remove air from the food packaging before it is sealed, which reduces the chance of product contamination, protects the food product from damage and degradation, and improves the product’s shelf life. 

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Sleeve Systems

Sleeve SystemsSleeve systems are used to automate sleeving operations, which are both labor-intensive and time-consuming. These machines allow industry professionals to process a greater number of pre-packaged units in a shorter time period without sacrificing accuracy or consistency. As a result, they can lead to higher productivity and lower waste generation.

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Used Machines

Used MachinesThese machines offer all of the same benefits as their new counterparts, but at a more gentle price. Browse our currently available used machines and save on cost without compromising your machinery’s quality.

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Food Packaging Expertise & Equipment from Point Five Packaging   

Food packaging machines play a critical role in the food and beverage industry. By integrating them in food and beverage production facilities, industry professionals can optimize their operations to increase productivity, improve product quality, and reduce operational costs. If you need food packaging machines for your facility, turn to the experts at Point Five Packaging.  

Whether you require tray sealers, fillers/depositors, vacuum chambers, or sleeve systems, we’ve got you covered. If you need assistance choosing a system for your facility, our experts will help you evaluate your operations and identify an appropriate solution.

To learn more about our food packaging machines or discuss your needs with one of our experts, contact us or request a quote today.