About Point Five Packaging

Point Five Packaging is a rising industry leader in integrated food packaging systems and materials. Specializing in tray sealing technology, our unique Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP), and Stretch Sealing solutions are designed to boost shelf life and enhance shelf appeal. Point Five sources and supplies the most advanced packaging materials to run on our equipment, delivering a one-stop shop for total concept-to-market food packaging solutions. Conveniently located in Chicago, Point Five also operates remote distribution warehouse points in New York and California.

Point Five tray seal systems are manufactured by Italian Pack srl of Como, Italy but sold under our brand name in the United States and North America. We have a machine solution for any food production and packaging environment, and our systems are designed and manufactured from food-grade stainless steel and aluminum components with IP65 electrical construction. All systems are easy to operate and incorporate quick and simple product changeover for maximum flexibility.

At Point Five, we understand that keeping your system in good operating condition is crucial to the success of our working partnership. Our Chicago technical center stocks a full array of machine spare parts, and the Point Five Tech Service Group is available to provide expert start-up and training in your facility. We also offer customized preventative maintenance programs which include regularly scheduled visits, custom parts stocking, and discounted emergency labor rates, making the long-term cost of operation of a Point Five machine the best in the industry.

Building on our value-added lineup, Point Five specializes in the latest packaging materials to meet today’s market requirements. Functional, recyclable, and sustainable are all industry requirements where Point Five rises to meet the challenge as a true one-stop shop for your primary packaging needs. So whether you are working with bakery, dairy, fresh grab-n-go, frozen foods, fresh meat, poultry or seafood, ready-to-eat meals, snacks, or any other food product, Point Five is ready to deliver the solutions to your success. You’re invited to put Point Five to the test!

One of the types of products we’ve helped package is cannabis edibles. With the help of our automation solutions, you can optimize THC edible packaging with top-quality equipment and packaging materials.

Benefits of Automating the Packaging Process of Cannabis Edibles

As your business grows and demand increases, manual packaging processes will likely not be able to keep up. In these instances, automation can make your packaging processes more cost-effective and efficient. Automated packaging systems can provide the following key benefits:

Optimized Efficiency and Scalability

Manual processes for marijuana edible packaging are often both inefficient and difficult or impossible to scale. With manual processes, you risk errors and a lack of consistency. Meanwhile, automated packaging machines offer a combination of speed, reliability, accuracy, and repeatability that help you keep up with growing demand. You can also avoid hiring additional staff as you grow, instead using a single machine that can help you scale your operations.

Better Brand Representation

Due to the competitive nature of the cannabis market, it’s important to use packaging that will help your brand stand out. With the help of automated cannabis edible packaging systems, you can produce high-quality, premium-looking packaging that best represents your brand and allows you to effectively connect with consumers.

Increased Production and Profitability

With manual packaging operations, businesses may manage to produce about 5 to 10 packages per employee per minute at most. Even by using a simple automated packaging machine, you can produce up to 40 bags per minute. In turn, you’ll see increased productivity and profits.

Improved Accuracy

Manual packaging is slow and possibly to lead to a decrease in accuracy when working at higher speeds. By integrating automated packaging equipment, you can boost accuracy and efficiency, even at high speeds.

Fresher Product

The right packaging automation systems and materials will protect cannabis edible products and others from exposure to elements such as light, humidity, and oxygen. As a result, your products stay fresh for longer.

Machines Used to Create Cannabis Packaging

Depending on your operation’s specific requirements, you may implement one or more of the following cannabis edible packaging machines:

Laser Counting System

Ideal for gummies, pills, capsules and other free flowing edible products. A Laser counter allows an operator to bulk feed product into a hopper and the system will automatically count pieces as they are dispensed into a pouch or tin. This allows for handling of pieces of irregular shapes and sizes or varying weight

Form Fill Seal Machine

These machines produce bags from a roll of packaging film. They then fill the bags with the proper amount of product before sealing them. Depending on your needs, these machines can be configured to package products horizontally or vertically.

What to Consider When Picking a Cannabis Packaging Machine

When choosing a THC gummy packaging machine, the following are some questions to ask:

  • What weight tolerances do you need? Legal cannabis must meet certain weight requirements according to government regulations.
  • Is it possible to introduce “fines” into packaging? Small product pieces, or “fines,” may help ensure packaging is of the right weight tolerance to remain legally compliant.
  • How much vertical space is available? Often, packaging systems require sufficient vertical space for multi-head scales to sit on top of packaging equipment to measure each package’s weight.
  • What bag sizes and types do you use? You’ll want to know the dimensions of the packaging you use and the specific types of bags, such as preformed or machine-formed bags.
  • Do you have specific speed requirements? Packaging machine manufacturers may recommend solutions based on the need for high-speed operations.
  • What budget restrictions do you have? Consider how much you want to spend on your systems and what your budget will allow for. While high-end machines may cost more initially, they may offer a higher ROI.

Types of Cannabis Edible Packaging We Offer

To meet our customers’ unique needs, we offer multiple types of cannabis edible packaging materials:

  • Tins. Premade metal or plastic tins can be hand or machine fed under a spout for product to be dispensed. Automatic capping or closing systems can be employed as well.
  • Single-Use Bags. Single-use, tamper-evident bags preserve products’ freshness and prevent children from accessing the product when heat-sealed. If needed, they can also be made with zippers for resealing.
  • Resealable Bags. These smell-proof bags can be heat-sealed and offer a great solution for THC edibles that consumers won’t finish in one sitting.

Cannabis Edible Packaging Solutions from Point Five Packaging

The right cannabis edible packaging solution will help optimize efficiency, productivity, accuracy, and profitability. To learn more about the packaging materials and automated packaging systems from Point Five Packaging, contact us today.