An aromatic fresh baked pastry is an ideal treat. Because of changes to our lifestyles, the number of households where fresh, homemade cakes are baked are rare – and still dwindling. More and more people from all walks of life are frequenting bakeries to bring home baked goods for the household and for entertaining. Bakeries have long been working on new technologies – including packaging for baked goods to improve freshness and extend shelf life.

Baked Goods Collection

One of the most important advantages Point Five Packaging’s machines is saving the freshness of fruits, vegetables, salads and of course baked goods.

Point Five Packaging has the food packaging supplies and technology to enable baked goods to remain fresh for at least 7 months:

  • Modular production systems enabling filling and composition of assorted rich deserts of all kinds.
  • Packaging lines with MAP to protect the freshness of products like sandwiches and prevent deterioration for a period of two and a half weeks.
  • Packaging with MAP without mechanical vacuum to protect the aesthetic presentation and texture of baked goods.
  • Lightweight mobile machines enabling packaging on various lines.

There is no doubt that baked goods can, for the first time, enjoy the benefits of advanced technology to safeguard the quality of the product. The freshness of the baked goods packed by a Point Five Packaging machine will be preserved for many days after production and packaging. This enables manufacturers to enjoy extended shelf life and greatly increases their working efficiency. Consumers will be able to buy the baked goods, store them and enjoy at their leisure.

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