Point Five Packaging has been delivering modified atmosphere packaging systems and full-service food packaging solutions since 2010. Specializing in the food industry, we’ve developed an extensive network of resources and suppliers to provide cutting-edge packaging technology and materials for retailers and food processors. As part of our extensive catalog, we offer a range of tray sealing machines that can implement stretch seal technology to create a leak-free seal while providing optimal visibility of your products.

What Is Stretch Seal Technology?

Stretch sealing technology works by heat sealing a specialty stretch film to the top edge, or flange, of a food packaging tray. Stretch sealing can accomodate product that protrudes well above the flange of a tray and still creat a hermitcally sealed package. This eliminates the need to wrap the film around the entire tray. It significantly reduces material costs and creates a water and air tight package thar eliminates liquids such as blood or brine from leaking out of the package. Stretch seal packaging is especially ideal for fresh produce, seafood, poultry and other meat products.

Key features of stretch sealing technology include:

  • Safety: Stretch seal technology creates a leak- and drip-proof package.
  • Flexibility: This technology is compatible with various materials, including conventional expanded polystyrene (EPS) food trays.
  • High Visibility: Because these systems use clear stretch film, they allow for optimal visibility to highlight the value and quality of food products.

Benefits of Our Stretch Sealing Machines

Stretch sealing machines from Point Five Packaging offer several benefits, including:

  • Simple setup allows operators to quickly change from product to product
  • Includes user-friendly touchscreen operation
  • Offers easy access for service and maintenance
  • The design prevents particulate, water, and cleaning agent accumulation
  • Facilitates complete wash-down cleaning
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Easy integration with all date coding and labeling systems

Comparison of Stretch Seal vs. Other Packaging Methods

When choosing the right sealed food packaging technology for your needs, it’s important to understand the various options. Compared to other common tray sealing technologies, such as MAP and VSP, stretch sealing features a few key differentiators.

  • Stretch Seal: As previously mentioned, stretch sealers stretch the film over the edges of the food tray and heat it to form a leak-proof seal. In addition to offering drip-proof capabilities and clear presentation, stretch sealers eliminate the need for shrink tunnels that are often required by other sealing equipment to heat and shrink the film around a product. Stretch sealing will also use far less materials than traditional stretch overwrap systems.
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP): This food packaging process eliminates the oxygen inside the packaging to extend the product’s shelf life. Oxygen facilitates the spoiling process by encouraging bacterial growth, producing lipid oxidation reactions, and increasing respiration rates. Using a gas flushing process, the oxygen is replaced with a mixture of gas, typically nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide, before the pack is sealed. Nitrogen specifically works to prevent oxidation and keep the packages from collapsing.
  • Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP): With this packaging method, the film is applied over the entire product’s surface as well as any other exposed surfaces. VSP technology heats the film to create a seal around the entire product while a vacuum removes the atmosphere that would otherwise accelerate spoilage. VSP is used in packaging ready meals, cheese, poultry, fresh meat, and seafood, and it provides benefits such as product clarity, increased shelf life, and flavor retention. It is often a preferred choice in retail settings because it allows consumers to view a product without having to open it.

Stretch Seal Technology Food Packaging Solutions

Stretch seal technology provides a high-visibility, leak-free, and safe packaging option for various food products. At Point Five Packaging, we specialize in providing food packaging solutions designed to enhance product appeal, increase shelf life, and boost functionality. Depending on your particular packaging needs, our catalog of tray sealers can be used for stretch seal, MAP, and VSP technology purposes.

For more information about our seal stretch technology solutions, or for help determining the right food packaging system for your needs, contact the experts at Point Five Packaging today.