Since 2010, Point Five Packaging has been a premier supplier of MAP equipment and packaging materials. In particular, we specialize in providing the most advanced packaging technology for customers in the food retail and ready meal industries, including vacuum skin packaging (VSP). Although VSP has been available for some time, technological advancement has made it a more viable and versatile process than ever before. With new packaging methods and modern materials, VSP is becoming one of the most common packaging options for the food and retail sectors

What Is Vacuum Skin Packaging?

Vacuum skin packaging works by combining a high barrier film with a pre-made tray. The VSP film encapsulates the food product and becomes like a second skin, eliminating almost all package atmosphere. The high-barrier flexible film is softened using heat and the pull from the vacuum inside the sealing chamber, which allows it to conform to the shape of the rigid tray or laminated paperboard sheet. The ultimate goal of vacuum skin packaging is to create an attractive package that allows the consumer to view the product in its entirety. The goal of VSP is to extend the product’s shelf life.

Vacuum Skin Packaging vs. Traditional Top Sealing

Vacuum skin packaging uses state-of-the-art plastic materials which are specially engineered to create a more attractive and reliably sealed package. Unlike traditionally top sealed trays, there is little to no air in a VSP product, which reduces the potential for microbial growth and can extend the shelf life even further than MAP. It also holds food in place for better presentation on store shelves and during shipping. 

Vacuum Skin Packaging Advantages and Benefits 

With the number of packaging options on the market, it can be difficult to choose the best option for your product. The experts at Point Five Packaging have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you select the ideal solution. 

Our cutting-edge vacuum skin packaging services offer numerous advantages, including: 

  • Fresh Flavors: The vacuum sealing process removes almost all atmosphere from the package, thereby ensuring food ingredients remain fresh and fragrant.
  • Optimal Presentation: VSP products are neat, compact, and more attractive to customers than standard top-seal packages. This technology also ensures colors and flavors stay vivid and fresh before the product is consumed.
  • Simple Process: The VSP process uses specialized equipment that is user-friendly and efficient.
  • Reduced Waste: VSP reduces waste on two fronts. First, in the case of using film and paperboard, the packaging process is highly efficient and may be able to use less material compared to traditional packaging methods. Second, VSP-stored products are less likely to be damaged, contaminated, or expire, which helps companies reduce product loss. Plus, when using VSP, like MAP, you don’t have to use any preservatives/additives.

Point Five Packaging’s Advanced Material Offerings

Point Five Packaging uses state-of-the-art packaging for VSP with the following features:

  • Skin Film: Our quality skin film and high-barrier films are durable and flexible enough to package products of various shapes and sizes
  • CPET Trays: Crystalline polyethylene terephthalate (CPET) trays are durable, heat-resistant, and microwave-safe, making them ideal for ready-to-eat VSP packaging.
  • PP Skin Trays: Polypropylene (PP) skin trays are more flexible than CPET trays and are usually used for packaging fresh and pre-cooked foods.
  • Paperboard: Laminated paperboard is increasing in popularity with VSP applications as it allows for better merchandising and presentation. Also, it reduces the amount of plastic used in the process. It is especially popular for cheeses, fish, and other meats.

Vacuum Skin Packaging Machines and Applications

Point Five’s vacuum skin packaging machines are available in a variety of designs and configurations to satisfy numerous applications, from packaging meat products to seafood, poultry, ready-to-eat foods, just to name a few examples.

Our comprehensive line of VSP machines include:


A fully automated, customizable vacuum-sealing system available with up to three sealing stations for creating as many as 150 trays per minute. Different products can be processed at each sealing station, making this system exceptionally versatile. 


Fully automated or partially manual, this sealing system can produce up to 60 sealed trays, 32 MAP trays, or 28 skin trays per minute. Retailers can customize it to provide full turnkey operations.


This semi-automatic system with a manual turntable allows for precise control. The P5-RM can process up to 28 sealed, 16 MAP, or 12 VSP trays every minute. 


This compact tray sealing machine is ideal for small- and medium-production volumes, or as a backup for large-scale operations. It can produce traditional top sealed, MAP, and VSP packages.


One of the smallest models in our portfolio, the P5-T is our tabletop sealer, capable of producing everything from tray and cup sealing to VSP. It is ideal for re-work applications and small-scale retail or lab operations.

Vacuum Skin Packaging from Point Five Packaging

At Point Five Packaging, our innovative vacuum-skin pack-rigid solutions enhance the visual appeal of your products and protect your products against degradation and contaminants. We pride ourselves on providing the best packaging equipment and materials in the industry and are committed to continuous improvement. To learn more about our vacuum skin packaging equipment and services, contact our experts today or request a quote.




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