Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP) is becoming a go-to solution for extending the shelf life of food products.  Fresh and processed meat, poultry, seafood, ready-to-eat meals, fresh produce, and cheeses are best suited for this application. Point Five Packaging are at the forefront of this food packaging technology as experts in tray sealing machinery and packaging materials. In conjunction with a product line that is fully VSP enabled, we have now developed the first CPET tray suitable for vacuum skin packaging.

To create a VSP package, specially formulated top seal film is used to encapsulate the product like a second skin. This secures the food product in the tray or paper board package but doesn’t affect the product’s shape.


There are many advantages of skin packaging for consumers, manufacturers and retailers. One of the main  including keeping the product held in place. This creates an attractive package that can be displayed vertically, improving how the product is viewed and reducing shelf space required. When product is shipped for home delivery, you can be sure it will arrive secure, intact, and without a mess. Because VSP acts as a protective layer, the shelf life of perishable foods is significantly extended. This reduces food waste and packaging materials. Also, the need of preservatives is greatly reduced or even unnecessary which creates healthier options for consumers.

Both the tray and the film used to seal the product are microwave and oven safe. The CPET trays are perfect for ready meals in both retail and home delivery applications. This option is 100% recyclable and cost effective.

Consumers are becoming more alert to sustainable packaging solutions in the market. VSP is emerging as a solution to meet these demands.



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