Ready Meal Packaging Collection

Life’s fast pace, with its increasingly long work days, lead the consumer to look for tasty, healthy and quality solutions for everyday meals. Point Five Packaging, at the forefront of technology, has taken up the challenge to allow food manufacturers to provide their clients with a wide assortment of quick prep meals:

Point Five Packaging, having harnessed itself to the world health trend, offers solutions for produce packaging offering a wide range of containers for fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • Sophisticated ready meal packaging and production systems which allow for the packaging of abundant varied meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, either hot or cold.
  • Sophisticated modified atmosphere packaging machines which are easy to operate, maintain and clean
  • Maximum flexibility on production lines in changeover from product to product
  • Modular food packaging production systems enabling addition or detraction of stages in the process according to the client’s needs, such as filling units for powdered products, pasty products (mashed potatoes, salads, spreads, mayonnaise, chocolate, etc.), sauce with or without weighing, rice, cheese, tomato or meat sauces, liquids, syrups and more.

We invite you to come and meet our experts who will help you find the best solutions for your ready meal packaging needs for even the most complicated ready meals. Point Five Packaging’s line systems will enable you to forge ahead in the world of food production and provide an innovative crossover from frozen to fresh foods.

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