Salads & Dips Packaging Containers

With culinary knowledge widely available, the consumer has become more sophisticated and wants excitement even from everyday products. The wide choice of products on supermarket shelves is replenished daily and producers are being asked to provide an assortment of fresh, inviting salads spreads and dips to their consumers.

Point Five Packaging offers food manufacturers a variety of tools and options to meet these demands:

  • A flexible system allowing production and packaging of a variety of salads spreads and dips on the same line.
  • Maximum flexibility in the composition of the portions and supplements – from dried spices, herbs and vegetables to oils and sauces.
  • Protecting freshness and texture of raw material and providing an aesthetic look to the product.
  • Point Five Packaging production system allows assorted multi purpose packaging, including packaging specifically suited for easy preparation when entertaining.

Point Five Packaging is aware of the manufacturers’ need to provide assorted, abundant salads, spreads and dips and provides you state of the art production systems. Our production lines provide your consumer with products incorporating variety and raw materials of the most sensitive types such as avocado, salted fish, fresh vegetables and sauces.

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