Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Solutions

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With the growing demand for fresh and healthy food options amongst consumers, suppliers are in need of a way to meet this demand. Traditionally, preservatives and other chemicals have been added to foods to increase the shelf life of products. However, customers have become more conscious of these chemicals and the possible effects on their bodies. […]

Top 4 2020 Food Trends (and how Point Five can help you)

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1. Alternative Butters, Spreads, Flours, and Syrups   Wheat and soy have been a staple in the food industry for many years. More recently, and especially in 2020, alternatives are on the rise. You’ll see watermelon butter, banana flour, and pomegranate syrup on the market soon. To help fill your jars or pouches, we offer […]

Point Five’s Own Fully Ovenable VSP Solution


Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP) is becoming a go-to solution for extending the shelf life of food products.  Fresh and processed meat, poultry, seafood, ready-to-eat meals, fresh produce, and cheeses are best suited for this application. Point Five Packaging are at the forefront of this food packaging technology as experts in tray sealing machinery and packaging […]

Point Five’s Rotary Tray Sealing System

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Point Five’s semi-automatic rotary tray sealer, the P5-RM, is capable of creating modified atmosphere packaging. It can also make vacuum skin packages in the same machine. The P5-RM has the possibility of producing up to 1000 packages per hour, making it ideal for medium-sized food operations. Following packaging solutions for food products in Europe, the […]

Eco-Friendly Packaging – What Does It All Mean?


Compostable Trays Made of Wheat   Today’s market has grown to be very environmentally aware. Companies have begun to provide green packaging alternatives to fill this need-gap in the marketplace. With all the changes in the packaging world, a slew of new terms are out there – from compostable to biodegradable to bioplastic. It’s hard […]

Ready to Eat Meals – Food Market Trends


Ready to eat meals, although present in the food market for some years, are continuing to be on the rise. According to a study by Market Research Future, this portion of the food sector is expected to grow 6% by 2022. More and more millennials, Generation Z, and families with young children are taking advantage […]

Prolong the Life of Your Produce


Produce shelf life is determined by many factors – temperature, moisture, oxygen levels, and sensitivity to ethylene. Packaging these products presents an issue when they are covered as trapped ethylene increases deterioration rate and lowers the shelf life of produce. This is a prevalent difficulty in the prepared meal-kit sector which uses a variety of […]

Modified Atmosphere Packaging System for Hummus

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Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is safe and natural method of extending shelf life for fresh food products without the addition of artificial preservatives. MAP greatly reduces the oxygen content in a food package and replaces the head space in the container with a natural inert gas such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide which are in […]