At Point Five Packaging, we’re proud to have customers that have worked with us for years and plan to continue working with us for years to come. To learn more about the partnerships we’ve forged with companies across the globe, read or watch the testimonial videos below. As always, feel free to get in touch with us with any questions.

Mazzone Pasta

Mazzone Pasta

“Point 5 introduced us to their packaging machinery and we quickly realized that it was both the machinery and their expertise that we can rely on to help us make an educated decision.”


Esposito's Sausage

Esposito’s Sausage

“We find that our restaurants never have to freeze the sausages and they can keep them for up to two weeks at a time and they love that because it keeps the flavor the best.”


Tru Foods

“It keeps our food fresh for 5, 7, 14 days depending on what we’re making. It’s a wonderful tool and it fits perfectly with our model.”


Golden State Seafood

“The P5-RM is lightyears ahead of the machine we were using before. It’s stylish, it just feels good using it and the product it makes it amazing.”

Sally Sherman

Sally Sherman

“Beautiful machines from Point 5… Limited maintenance and easy to clean. We’ve had it for four years now and it is very straight forward and gets the job done.”


Butter and Vine

“We ship meals to folks all over Chicago… I think we fill a decent void in the fact that we are able to give people meals who normally wouldn’t have access to them.”


Popcorn for the People

Popcorn for the People, a non-profit that hires those with disabilities, upgraded their packaging and their packing process with a Point Five machine. Using our P5-M for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), bucket version, they are able to seal popcorn cups up to 10.5″ deep.