Produce shelf life is determined by many factors – temperature, moisture, oxygen levels, and sensitivity to ethylene. Packaging these products presents an issue when they are covered as trapped ethylene increases deterioration rate and lowers the shelf life of produce. This is a prevalent difficulty in the prepared meal-kit sector which uses a variety of vegetables for their dishes. It is necessary for the produce to last through a varying distribution system as well as keep longer for the kits sold in stores.

One solution to extend the life of produce is found in Green Bags. The packaging contains an ethylene absorbing technology which takes in the gasses naturally generated by the produce. This reduction yields a longer shelf life especially when the products are stored in the corresponding recommended temperature range for the specific food.

In a rudimentary experiment, Point Five tested to see how well the bags measured up to expectations. A variety of vegetables were purchased from a local grocery store and packed in three formats: original packaging, microwavable bags, and Green Bags. The bags were kept for 21 days at refrigeration temperatures. Overall, the produce stored in the Green Bags were preserved better than those stored in both the original packaging and the microwavable bags.

The spinach in the Green Bags, showed on the right, did show signs of wilting; however, there was less moisture build-up and reduced deterioration overall.

The radishes stored in the Green Bags showed little to no deterioration over the three weeks.

The broccoli in the original packaging were slightly discolored, but the samples stored in the Green Bags were still bright green.

The green beans kept in the Green Bags had the best overall results with little to no color, texture, or aroma changes.

Green Bags are offered in roll stock, custom sizes and colors, and in stock sizes. For more information or to request a quote, contact us today.


    • Jacqui Tapnack

      Hello Michael!

      Thank you for your question. Yes, Point Five supplies Green Bags in any size or color. We’re also able to supply roll stock for applications such as vertical form, fill, and seal. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further inquiries.

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