Produce Fruits & Vegetables Packaging Containers

World health trends dictate the increased and varied consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. These are known to be rich in important nutrients and are recommended for consumption by young and old alike. The freshness of the fruit, or vegetable, ensures both health and taste benefits.

Point Five Packaging, having harnessed itself to the world health trend, offers solutions for produce packaging offering a wide range of containers for fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • Preserving the rich taste and smell of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Preserving valuable nutrients.
  • Packaging which substantially increases shelf life.

The production and modified atmosphere packaging systems of Point Five Packaging include an incredibly diverse range of produce packaging possibilities. From vegetables to whole fruit to refreshing fruit salads and more. Point Five offers many different shapes and sizes of produce packaging ensuring freshness and quality for as long as possible.

The quality of your produce will be preserved throughout the complete provision chain, from the factory to the sales point.

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