Dessert Bars Pie Collection

Delicious desserts give us moments of pleasure during our busy active schedules. Who doesn’t enjoy a little ice cream, cake or pie every now and then?

Despite growing health trends, we, the consumers, are not willing to forgo these small delights. These small comforts give us small stolen moments of quality pleasure.

  • Point Five Packaging also provides all types of food packaging supplies for dessert producers and affords them numerous possibilities for a variety of products.
  • Filling and packaging systems provide any number of work stations to assemble personalized portions with layers and toppings
  • Modular filling and packaging systems afford a variety of blends
  • Quick setup between fillings without the need of a maintenance staff
  • The serving is rich and complex – the system is simple, easy to use and operate

In addition, Point Five Packaging provides dessert makers with modified atmosphere packaging solutions which allow them to continue to provide fresh individual servings with delicious homemade flavors.

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