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Point Five Packaging, was established in 2010 as a full service food packaging supplier and modified atmosphere packaging systems supplier with an intense focus on the food industry. In a few short years Point Five has developed a network of suppliers and resources that delivers the most advanced materials and packaging technology to today’s food processors and retail environments. In addition, Point Five remains the original North American home of the unique Shelf Life BoosterTM MAP technology. Our team of packaging and food industry veterans lends expertise to package design as well as operational layout efficiency and productivity.

Food Packaging Supplies – Concept to Market

Point Five boasts an enormous stock tooling program for thermoformed and injection molded food packaging supplies, including Polypropylene (microwave safe), crystal clear APET thermoformed trays and aluminum containers and are industry leaders in the supply of CPET, dual ovenable containers and products. Our low cost tooling allows for a lower barrier of entry for smaller, start-up companies and lower volume runs. Our stock inventory program can be customized to each of our customers delivery needs. We have the fastest concept to market capability in the country with in-house tray designers that bring your packaging ideas to life.

With an ever increasing installation base, more and more food processors are finding out that Point Five delivers effective shelf life solutions that cut cost, improve productivity and drive revenues at the highest possible velocity to market.

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