Filling machines automate the food and beverage filling process so products can be quickly and efficiently packaged for transportation and sale. These systems increase production efficiency by reducing human error and offering higher speeds than manual filling. They also ensure that each container within a batch of products is reliably filled with the same quantity of product with little to no variation. Automated and semi-automated fillers can easily switch between different types of products or containers and be upgraded over time to accommodate the packaging of multiple products and containers at one time.

Types of Food Filling Machines

There are many different types of food fillers that are built to accommodate food products of different viscosity levels and states. Some of the most common types include:

  • Liquid filling machines. Commonly referred to as flow filling machines, liquid filling machines can handle all types of liquids, including beverages and oil. They can also handle thin food products.
  • Pump filling machines. This type of filler uses positive displacement pumps to fill containers with thin to thick,┬áviscous substances, such as gel.
  • Volumetric piston filling machines. These filling machines measure out specific volumes of liquid products from think to thick, viscous products as well as liquids with particles, such as soup. These fillers can be single- or multi-head machines to meet the needs of the given application and speed.

These food fillers are typically available in fully automated and semi-automated configurations.

  • Fully automated solutions can handle multiple processing steps without┬áhuman operation and can follow customized instructions. This type of machinery can require more up-front investment.
  • Semi-automated machines are stand-alone units that can handle production for small to medium-sized operations. Although it does not completely eliminate human labor, it is a cost-effective way to increase output.

Our Food & Liquid Filling Machines

At Point Five Packaging, we specialize in creating high-performance, high-quality food filling machines, with a focus on volumetric piston fillers. Each model is built to provide reliable filling services that meet the needs of the food product, packaging, and the degree of automation your facility requires.

Our piston filler machines have a stainless-steel construction that is easy to clean and maintain. They can be mounted on stainless steel frames with wheels to be easily moved in and out of place and meet customer specifications. Stainless steel is the optimal material for these systems because it is corrosion-resistant, unreactive in the presence of food and beverages, and can handle the pressure levels and physical impact involved in food filling. Our units also allow for fast and easy disassembly and product change over.

Our piston filler machine models include:

P5-SPF Machine

This servo-driven unit is built for versatility and high accuracy. It is available in different formats from single-head fillers to custom multi-head fillers. They need both air and electric connection and can be either semi-automatic or fully integrated into another machine line for a fully automated system. These machines can store multiple product recipes and come equipped with user-friendly screens and digital controls for easy inputting.

The P5-SPF has a filling volume range from 30cc to 3500cc per cycle depending on the model. This machine is best suited for high-speed operations, with a speed range of up to 30 to 40 CPM.

P5-VPF Machine

This unit only requires compressed air to be operational. The P5-VPF machine features semi-automatic operation through pedal-pressing for easy operation. It can also be integrated into an automated line. This machine has speed ranges from 8 to 30 CPM, and it can dispense amounts ranging from 10cc to 5700cc.

Food & Liquid Filler Machines from Point Five Packaging

Food filling machinery allows production to consistently fill food packages with precise volumes of product. At Point Five Packaging, we can help you find the appropriate food-filling solution to accommodate your unique needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities or request a quote for pricing details. You can also browse our fillers catalog to see more product details.