Point Five’s Rotary Tray Sealing System

Point Five’s semi-automatic rotary tray sealer, the P5-RM, is capable of creating modified atmosphere packaging. It can also make vacuum skin packages in the same machine. The P5-RM has the possibility of producing up to 1000 packages per hour, making it ideal for medium-sized food operations. Following packaging solutions for food products in Europe, the P5-RM is now able to seal VSP trays and paperboards. These applications are ideal for cheeses, meats, and ready meals.

The P5-RM can easily be paired with filling systems, such as our P5-VPF series. This brings an aspect of automation into your food packaging line that increases product output and reduces labor.

Be sure to check out the P5-RM webpage for more details and specifications as well as our other tray sealing systems.