Dairy products have always been considered to be the most sensitive to deterioration. Deteriorating dairy products will immediately affect taste and appearance. Unsuitable packaging will substantially shorten the shelf life of the product.

Dairy Goods Collection

Calcium, protein and the rich taste of milk have turned it into a fast growing product and milk producers are always searching for innovations and diversity.

Point Five Packaging enables dairy producers to continue diversifying and brings innovativeness to this category through progressive packaging technology while protecting the product’s freshness and rich taste over time.

Cheese Packaging, Yogurt Packaging and More

  • Packaging systems enable the packaging of varied dairy products from yogurt and dairy drinks to hard cheese and more
  • Modular packaging systems with numerous work stations to allow the compilation  of various delicacies
  • Multiple options for additions and upgrades to dairy packaging
  • Innovative dairy packaging systems provide easily adaptable solutions into complete production lines including filling and feeding

Point Five Packaging’s modified atmosphere packaging equipment afford quick and easy packaging of all dairy products to meet the increased consumption of these products. Point Five Packaging continues to meet the demands of this food category by offering comprehensive solutions which are easy to operate and clean.

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