Point Five Packaging is a full-service food packaging company that utilizes all the latest technologies with the experience of a company that is anything but new.

We were originally known as ARPAC FOOD GROUP a subsidiary of ARPAC, one of the country’s biggest machinery manufacturers. AFG’s specialty was in primary food packaging and machinery. After a recapitalization process at ARPAC, AFG was spun off and Point Five Packaging was born. It began with the vision of our owner and President, Greg Levy, and a few dedicated professionals who made the switch from ARPAC. We are now more than just a machinery supplier. Today we offer a full line of completely integrated food packaging systems with a focus on shelf life improvement and product marketability.

Today, we offer some of the most advanced methods of applying Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) for food products. Specifically, this is the process of modifying the internal atmosphere of a package, reducing the oxygen level to below 0.5% – hence they company’s name. This slows the growth of organisms within packaging and leads to longer lasting, fresher food. Modified Atmosphere Packaging is a technology that we believe is the future of food packaging, and is something at which we excel.

Point 5 Packaging machine offering and unique network of suppliers and partners allows us to work with companies on any level, from small, entry-level businesses to large, established companies. We can easily accommodate our products and services to meet all size requirements, catering to individual needs and goals quickly and easily.

With the experience and expertise we gained as part of ARPAC, combined with the passion, dedication, and innovation that has become a trademark of Point Five Packaging, we are ready to help take your food business to new heights.

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