Crystalized Polyethylene Terephthalate is a mouthful to pronounce, but CPET for short or crystallized polyester is one of the most underused yet dynamically functional materials for food packaging supplies available today. Look, everyone is searching for a high barrier, fully biodegradable food packaging container that will aid in the preservation of shelf life and can be easily disposed of in the land fill where it will soon become one with the soil. Here’s the bad news….That material does not exist. Here is the good news, CPET is as close as you will find to this Utopian substrate.
cpet food packaging

Thermoformed CPET containers have an excellent oxygen barrier which means you can use them for modified atmosphere packaging applications to preserve food shelf life, they are microwaveable and can even be used in the oven at temperatures of up to 400 F for heat and eat or baking applications.

The best part is, once you are done, CPET can be thrown in your recycle bin with your everyday water bottles. Why? Because they are made from the exact same material. PETE.

Recyclable Food Packaging Supplies

PETE is the most widely recycled material anywhere in the world. This means that every municipality recycles PETE. Other plastics such as polypropylene (PP) or Polystyrene (PS) or the very common multi layered PP affectionately referred to as “Other” since it can be made ups of a multiple of laminated materials are not always recycled in every municipality.

This means that while consumers often throw these materials in their recycle bin, they are often sorted and sent to the landfill anyway. Not CPET. You can be assured that recycled CPET or PETE is used in multiple industrial applications the world over.

So back to the main point. If you are looking for the perfect food packaging containers for your product that are both functional and environmentally responsible, try CPET. Freeze it, bake it, heat it, microwave it or refrigerate it. Hundreds of standard shapes are available and customizing new shapes and configurations is a piece of cake.

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