Introducing Point Five Packaging: Food Packaging Innovation of the Future

Point Five Packaging is a full-service food packaging company that utilizes all the latest technologies with the experience of a company that is anything but new.

We were originally known as ARPAC FOOD GROUP a subsidiary of ARPAC, one of the country’s biggest machinery manufacturers. AFG’s specialty was in primary food packaging and machinery. After a recapitalization process at ARPAC, AFG was spun off and Point Five Packaging was born. It began with the vision of our owner and President, Greg Levy, and a few dedicated professionals who made the switch from ARPAC. We are now more than just a machinery supplier. Today we offer a full line of completely integrated food packaging systems with a focus on shelf life improvement and product marketability.

Today, we offer some of the most advanced methods of applying Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) for food products. Specifically, this is the process of modifying the internal atmosphere of a package, reducing the oxygen level to below 0.5% – hence they company’s name. This slows the growth of organisms within packaging and leads to longer lasting, fresher food. Modified Atmosphere Packaging is a technology that we believe is the future of food packaging, and is something at which we excel.

Point 5 Packaging machine offering and unique network of suppliers and partners allows us to work with companies on any level, from small, entry-level businesses to large, established companies. We can easily accommodate our products and services to meet all size requirements, catering to individual needs and goals quickly and easily.

With the experience and expertise we gained as part of ARPAC, combined with the passion, dedication, and innovation that has become a trademark of Point Five Packaging, we are ready to help take your food business to new heights.

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Point Five and the 2013 IBIE

Point Five is excited about attending and exhibiting the 2013 IBIE International Baking Industry Exposition which takes place in Las Vegas next week, October 6-9. It is our first time at this influential gathering, which will play host more than 20,000 baking professionals. Held every three years, the IBIE is produced by the American Bakers Association (ABA) and the Baking Industry Suppliers Association (BEMA). Covering over 500,000 net square feet in exhibit space, IBIE 2013 will highlight the latest leading edge technology as well as offering an informative education program and fun events like America’s Best Raisin Bread Contest and The Great American Pie Festival.

Point Five will be exhibiting our complete line of CPET trays and containers that are ideal for the baking industry. Our amazing selection of CPET trays is a proven leader in baking large format cookies, cakes, brownies, and baklava. We are also excited about showing off our large catalog of substitute parts and the fact that we offer far more color choices than the competition.

Point Five can also assist you in the design of unique shapes and sizes at a low cost and low minimum order quantity. Come talk to us about our supply programs that include JIT delivery and vendor managed inventory programs.

This year’s event at the Las Vegas Convention Center, brings together baking professionals from every market segment imaginable including everything from wholesale bakery plants and hotels to artisan bakeries and catering companies. Because Point Five is a leader when it comes to packaging systems, consumables, and innovative shelf life solutions, we believe that IBIE is a perfect fit for us.

If you plan to attend IBIE 2013, please drop by Booth Number 2436 say hello and see what Point Five has to offer the baking industry. To learn more about IBIE 2013 please visit their website or contact Point Five directly today.

Process Expo 2013 and Point Five

Point Five Packaging is excited to announce that we will be attending and showing at this year’s Process Expo. This leading global food equipment and technology show, which is being held at Chicago’s famed McCormick Place from November 3-6, brings together the world’s leading top food processors and beverage manufactures under one gigantic roof. According to their website, Process Expo offers attendees the largest collection of food processing and food packaging supplies along with extensive educational programming and demonstrations.

This will be Point Five’s second appearance at Process Expo and we could not be more thrilled to showcase two innovative pieces of No Vacuum Modified Atmosphere Packaging Systems (MAP) equipment from our amazing inventory.


This fully automatic Modified Atmosphere Packaging system is the perfect solution for all high production food-packaging operations. At Process Expo, we will be integrating an ARTEMIS SLB™with a right angle infeed conveyor.


A semi-automatic version of our Artemis line, the ATHENA SLB™is perfect for smaller packers but is also great for larger producers.


Point Five will also be demonstration our capabilities to deliver an All-in-One Packaging system that will denest, fill, seal and lid a container all in one single frame system. This machine is available and ideal almost any type of pump able product such as yogurt, cream cheese, hummus etc.

All of these machines have modified atmosphere seal heads and operate using our unique Shelf Life Booster technology.

If you are planning on attending this year’s Process Expo, please drop by Booth Number 5518, to say hello, and see everything that Point Five has to offer. To learn more about the always exciting and informative Process Expo, please visit their website. To get even more details about our outstanding modified atmosphere packaging systems, you can always contact us directly.

Happy New Year from Point Five Packaging

As we start this new year we’d like to take a moment to extend our gratitude. 2013 was a great year for us at Point Five Packaging. Our company was founded in 2010 and already, with the help of our customers, we are growing. This past year in particular has been a year of growth and we’d like to thank all our previous and new customers who have contributed to our success. We truly value each of our relationships and we look forward to working and growing with our customers in the future and we also look forward to making new connections with new customers. We celebrated our successes this year by taking our team members out to a Bulls game and we hope each of you enjoyed a holiday celebration.

It is important that all of our customers have enjoyed working with us as much as we have enjoyed working with them. We are excited to be back in the office and are ready to serve you with outstanding food packaging supplies and solutions. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Thank you again to all our customers and we can’t wait to work with you again next year!

The Benefits of MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)

MAP or modified atmosphere packaging is the process of packaging fresh food by removing the oxygen content inside the package to improve the food’s shelf life. Traditionally, there are two types of modified atmosphere packaging.

One process uses a vacuum gas system that extracts all the air from the package and then adds the desired gas mixture back in. This system can be cumbersome as it has a variety of moving parts and a sensitive vacuum that can be difficult to accurately adjust. The other way is a gas flush process, which has the food package pass through a large chamber filled with gas and the package is then sealed while in this chamber. However, the gas flush process uses a substantial amount of gas and it can be difficult to get a low oxygen level when that is desired.

At Point Five Packaging we employ a slightly different process that uses our Shelf Life Booster technology. By using a flow of gas through the container at a high pressure we are able to seal a package with a very low oxygen content. We have been using this process since 2008, which allows Point Five Packaging to seal in freshness and extend shelf life for a variety of foods, including meat, seafood, pasta, deserts, dairy products, ready-made meals, fruits and vegetables, spreads and dips, and dried fruits and nuts.

In addition to a longer shelf life, using MAP can also lead to other benefits, including an overall improved quality with a fresher taste and smell, wider distribution for food companies, and higher profits. The process can also be used for the pharmaceutical industry as well as on select electronics.

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Preserving Freshness in a Changing Food Landscape

We are what we eat, as individuals and as a nation. Fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, nuts, produce and dairy products make up the foundation of the healthy diet. But none of these foods are nutritious if they aren’t eaten when they are fresh, and high quality foods must remain free of unnecessary preservatives and chemicals whenever possible.

At the same time, businesses must keep costs low to control operating costs and meet market demands. Institutions such as schools face competing needs to keep food inexpensive, while healthier, due to budget cuts and new federal food regulations. Consumers expect their food to be fresh for as long as possible. And grocery stores need their increasingly purchased bulk foods to last longer on the shelves. That’s where selecting the right food packaging materials can help.

Managing Food Cost and Quality

At the intersection of food cost and quality are new technologies that keep food fresher for longer, without ruining the food’s quality with unnecessary contamination. Point 5 Packaging brings businesses, educational institutions and consumers the food packaging solutions they require using our unique line of products that employ Modified Atmosphere Packaging with no need for a mechanical vacuum. Some of our unique solutions include:

  • Restaurants and other food vendors can expect both from A-PET (Amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate) containers that keep chilled and room temperature foods fresh, and with a clear and attractive container.
  • Schools can use our microwave and freezer-safe C-PET (Crystallized Polyethylene Terephthalate) containers to keep pre-made food fresh. These containers are excellent at maintaining food cooked in the tray or added later.
  • Our PP (Polypropylene) line includes attractive containers for grocery stores to store and sell meats, dips, soups and other products. Consumer can freeze or microwave the food right in the container.

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Produce and the Effect on Obesity

Fruits and vegetables are incredibly nutritious and have been hailed as foods that can help prevent – or even reverse – obesity. Based on recent trends in the United States, that makes fresh produce even more important than ever.

Fresh Produce – Battling Obesity in Adults

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, obesity has reached epidemic levels in the United States. More than a third of U.S. adults are now obese, which means that they are also at risk for heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and many other potential ailments.

One of the causes of obesity is that U.S. adults are consuming more calories than ever before, and burning off fewer calories than ever before through exercise. You can point to the mass availability of highly caloric fast food as one of the reasons for overconsumption, and point to long commutes and longer work hours as reasons for less exercise.

Storing Produce Longer

One excellent way of storing produce longer is modified atmosphere packaging, like the solutions Point 5 Packaging provides on a daily basis.

Naturally, fruits and vegetable have low caloric density but high nutrition density. In other words, you get more nutrition out of one serving of squash or a banana than you would with the same sized serving of bread – and with much fewer calories.

So, if people replaced fruits and vegetables for some of the starchy and fatty foods in their diet, they most likely will begin losing weight since they are creating a calorie deficit.

That’s why it’s important fruit is made more available to as many people as possible. Unfortunately, unlike breads and cereals – which can easily last for months or years at room temperature – fruit can become rotten much quicker, making it more difficult to store mass quantities of it.

Food Packaging – Extending the Life of Produce

Unfortunately, having the U.S. public eat more fruits and vegetables is easier said than done. For example, starchy and fatty foods are more easily available, especially because they can be stored longer and at room temperatures.

That’s where Point Five packaging comes in: Our modified atmosphere packaging is especially effective at extending the shelf lives of many nutritious fruits and vegetables. Our easy-to-use packaging also makes it easy for the end user to consume fruits and vegetables and take them with them on-the-go.

Find out more information about our packaging for produce – Contact Point 5 Packaging today.

Keep Fruit Fresher – Longer – For Your Health

Fruits are very tasty and one of the most nutritious foods available. They contain important antioxidants that can help stave off disease in young people, adults and the elderly.

That’s why it’s important fruit is made more available to as many people as possible. Unfortunately, unlike breads and cereals – which can easily last for months or years at room temperature – fruit can become rotten much quicker, making it more difficult to store mass quantities of it.

That’s where Point Five packaging comes in: Our modified atmosphere packaging is especially effective at extending the life of fruits. When frozen, the packaging can help extend shelf lives even more. Read on to find out how.

Packaging to Extend Fruit’s Shelf Life

Our packaging seals out the elements in the air that cause fruit to rot. An example of food rotting is when apples turn brown. This is because the oxygen in the air has interacted with the enzymes in the fruit and caused them to age very quickly. As you know from experience a brown apple slice is not very tasty – and it means that it’s lost much of its nutrition, too.

But packing food in modified atmosphere packaging – which removes oxygen from the container and replaces it with elements that won’t rot food – can keep fruits around for much longer than ever before. For example, the National Mango Board suggests that mangos – one of the most nutritious passion fruits – can be preserved for up to six months if it is cubed, frozen and stored in an airtight container.

Ripening Fruit

Some fruits, surprisingly, actually benefit from being left out for a while exposed to the atmosphere.

Bananas are actually most nutritious after they’ve sat out for a period of time. Some people think that brown spots on bananas are a bad thing – quite the opposite. The brown spots indicate that the starches in the banana fruit have matured to their fullest potential.

Mangos and some other passion fruits have a similar process. Mangos, for example, won’t completely ripen if they are refrigerated and placed into storage. You can tell a mango is ripe by gently squeezing it. Like an avocado, being slightly soft means that it’s ready to eat.

Food Packaging Helps Retain Taste and Nutrition

However, that doesn’t mean you should let bananas and mangos out for too long past their ripened stage. According to the National Mango Board, you can leave a whole (unpeeled) ripe mango in a refrigerator for up to five days before it is no longer safe to eat.

Enjoy your fruits and eat plenty of them for optimal digestive and heart health. Find out more information about our packaging for fruit and vegetables here.

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Modified Atmosphere Packaging System for Hummus

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is safe and natural method of extending shelf life for fresh food products without the addition of artificial preservatives. MAP greatly reduces the oxygen content in a food package and replaces the head space in the container with a natural inert gas such as Nitrogen or Carbon dioxide which are in the air we breathe. These inert gases coupled with the lack of oxygen prevent bacteria and mold from forming on the food in the package thus extending the shelf life. Point Five has one of the most unique methods of applying a modified atmosphere to a food container in that our systems do not use a mechanical vacuum to remove the Oxygen. We use a quick and gentle flush of gas that does not harm or affect the foods taste, texture or appearance.

This fully automated, turnkey hummus packaging system incorporates the Point Five MAP method and is available for immediate delivery While it lasts. Give your productivity an immediate shot in the arm.

  • Automatic cup denester
  • Piston filler with 30 gallon product hopper
  • Filler adjustable from 8-32 oz
  • Topping dispenser
  • Modified atmosphere cup sealing – Gas flush for extra shelf life
  • Auto Lid applicator
  • Independent lane operation
  • Up to 40 cups per minute
  • Tooled for Industry standard 5.5″ and 4.5″ cups
  • Other sizes available on request
  • Ideal for any pumpable product such as soups, creams, yogurt, guacamole, salsa, dips, deli salads, etc.

A Leader in Packaging Solutions

Point Five Packaging was established in 2010 as a full service distributor and packaging systems supplier with an intense focus on the food industry. In a few short years Point Five has developed a network of suppliers and resources that delivers the most advanced materials and packaging technology to today’s food processors and retail environments. Our team of packaging and food industry veterans lends expertise to package design as well as operational layout efficiency and productivity.

Food Packaging Supplies – Concept to Market

Point Five boasts an enormous stock tooling program for thermoformed and injection molded food packaging supplies, including Polypropylene (microwave safe), crystal clear APET thermoformed trays and aluminum containers and are industry leaders in the supply of CPET, dual ovenable containers and products. Our low cost tooling allows for a lower barrier of entry for smaller, start-up companies and lower volume runs. Our stock inventory program can be customized to each of our customers delivery needs. We have the fastest concept to market capability in the country with in-house tray designers that bring your packaging ideas to life.

With an ever increasing installation base, more and more food processors are finding out that Point Five delivers effective shelf life solutions that cut cost, improve productivity and drive revenues at the highest possible velocity to market.

To learn more about Point 5 Packaging’s food production packaging solutions, contact us today.

CPET – The Perfect Package

Crystalized Polyethylene Terephthalate is a mouthful to pronounce, but CPET for short or crystallized polyester is one of the most underused yet dynamically functional materials for food packaging supplies available today. Look, everyone is searching for a high barrier, fully biodegradable food packaging container that will aid in the preservation of shelf life and can be easily disposed of in the land fill where it will soon become one with the soil. Here’s the bad news….That material does not exist. Here is the good news, CPET is as close as you will find to this Utopian substrate.
cpet food packaging

Thermoformed CPET containers have an excellent oxygen barrier which means you can use them for modified atmosphere packaging applications to preserve food shelf life, they are microwaveable and can even be used in the oven at temperatures of up to 400 F for heat and eat or baking applications.

The best part is, once you are done, CPET can be thrown in your recycle bin with your everyday water bottles. Why? Because they are made from the exact same material. PETE.

Recyclable Food Packaging Supplies

PETE is the most widely recycled material anywhere in the world. This means that every municipality recycles PETE. Other plastics such as polypropylene (PP) or Polystyrene (PS) or the very common multi layered PP affectionately referred to as “Other” since it can be made ups of a multiple of laminated materials are not always recycled in every municipality.

This means that while consumers often throw these materials in their recycle bin, they are often sorted and sent to the landfill anyway. Not CPET. You can be assured that recycled CPET or PETE is used in multiple industrial applications the world over.

So back to the main point. If you are looking for the perfect food packaging containers for your product that are both functional and environmentally responsible, try CPET. Freeze it, bake it, heat it, microwave it or refrigerate it. Hundreds of standard shapes are available and customizing new shapes and configurations is a piece of cake.