MAP or modified atmosphere packaging is the process of packaging fresh food by removing the oxygen content inside the package to improve the food’s shelf life. Traditionally, there are two types of modified atmosphere packaging.

One process uses a vacuum gas system that extracts all the air from the package and then adds the desired gas mixture back in. This system can be cumbersome as it has a variety of moving parts and a sensitive vacuum that can be difficult to accurately adjust. The other way is a gas flush process, which has the food package pass through a large chamber filled with gas and the package is then sealed while in this chamber. However, the gas flush process uses a substantial amount of gas and it can be difficult to get a low oxygen level when that is desired.

At Point Five Packaging we employ a slightly different process that uses our Shelf Life Booster technology. By using a flow of gas through the container at a high pressure we are able to seal a package with a very low oxygen content. We have been using this process since 2008, which allows Point Five Packaging to seal in freshness and extend shelf life for a variety of foods, including meat, seafood, pasta, deserts, dairy products, ready-made meals, fruits and vegetables, spreads and dips, and dried fruits and nuts.

In addition to a longer shelf life, using MAP can also lead to other benefits, including an overall improved quality with a fresher taste and smell, wider distribution for food companies, and higher profits. The process can also be used for the pharmaceutical industry as well as on select electronics.

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