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Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Systems

Point 5 Packaging is a leading distributer of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) systems and food packaging supplies. MAP systems offer many benefits over traditional packaging systems. The shelf life of products that utilize these systems is extended which means the quality of the food lasts longer. This minimizes product loss due to perishability. The modified atmosphere packaging systems also allow for expanded distribution capabilities.

MAP Systems Available from Point 5 Packaging

Point 5 Packing offers systems that are manual and automatic allowing customers to choose the best option for their operation. The different sizes allow for you to find the packaging solution that fits into the floor space you have available. Here are the MAP systems we can supply you with:

If you have any questions about these systems, please feel free to contact us today.

Food Packaging Supplies

We also offer a wide range of supplies for food packaging trays and containers. Our inventory of food packaging solutions includes APET Trays, CPET Dual Ovenable Trays, microwavable food containers and lids of all shapes and sizes. You are sure to find all the supplies you need for food packaging.


Equipment Catalog

Point Five Packaging offers no vacuum, Modified Atmosphere Packaging Systems (MAP) with Shelf Life Booster Technology (SLB™).

Materials Catalog

Specializing in Modified Atmosphere Packaging, Point Five offers a range of materials including both microwaveable and oven safe packaging solutions.

Video Library

Interested in seeing Modified Atmosphere Packaging Systems (MAP) in action? Check out the Point Five Packaging video library.


Modified Atmosphere Packaging – Does it Really Work?

People ask us this question all the time: does Modified Atmosphere Packaging really work?

Modified Atmosphere Packaging or MAP is pretty wide spread in Europe across the food industry and is taking hold in North America as a method of extending food shelf life without the addition of artificial additives or preservatives.  MAP is the process where the oxygen content is vacated from a food container and back filled with a natural, inert gas such as Nitrogen or Carbon dioxide, or even a mixture of the two. read more…